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User error or system issues

I am new to ShareFaith. I love their designs and their features. However I am finding as I use it that it seems like there are things that are happening that shouldn't. For example, I spend hours updating a site, saving it along the way, and then something doesn't "take, even with a refresh. Whether that be a site name, a link, a design. Then when I do a refresh, the lag time is extremely slow. Again just being new to this, I am assuming that I am hitting unusual issues, especially not seeing much activity on the user forums. Thanks for other input. Is it buggy? Are there system settings I need to make? Any other suggestions or experiences? I want to use this so bad but it's painful right now more than it is stable.

Thanks. Mike

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Hello Darien,

I was not able to find an account associated with your email address. Please submit a ticket at

Have a great day!

Hello, I am new to the Sharefaith website program. I created a domain name, and tried going live with the site, but it keeps referring me to the control panel login screen. File attached
(233 KB)

Hi Mike,

Thank you for writing in. I would be glad to help. 

That certainly doesn't seem like normal behavior for one of our websites. I went ahead and converted this into a ticket so one of our Member Coaches can better assist you. That ticket number is 212758.

Have a great day!

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