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Music playlists and mobile app

Does anyone know whether or not adding a music playlist to the mobile app is possible?  I created a new blog, added a few comments and then added 4 different music playlists.  The blog with the playlists work perfectly on the website.  However, when I tried adding it to the app, only the name of the blog and the introductory comments are visible but the space where the playlists should be is blank.  I have tried deleting and recreating the blog 4 times...each time the title and comments appear but no playlists.

Hello Chris!

I would be glad to help. At this time you cannot put a music playlist in the app. You could however create a link from the app to the section of your website that has the music playlists! 

Thank you.  I had begun to suspect as much.  Since a sermon playlist is basically a player for audio files and a music playlist is also a player for audio files, it looks like either could be added to the app.  Anyway, thanks again for the help.  Have a great day.


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