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Website name change

Hi, My name is Michelle.  I am doing a little research for my church.  We are most likely going to using Share Faith to rebuild our website.  There is also a chance that we will be changing the name of our church.  Should we wait until we make a name change before we move ahead with Share Faith, or will it be easily convertible?

Michelle, they may have fixed this problem, but when we attempted to do this (change the name of our web address), we had a problem with our app. They were able to fix it, but it just took us a bit to figure out what the problem was.  My suggestion to you would be not to publish your app until you have decided on your final domain name, or just be aware you might have to get them to re-connect them if you change it afterwards.


Hello Michelle! 

Thanks for reaching out to us! Really it's totally up to you. Everything is pretty easy to switch over if you change names. Feel free to call us at 888-317-4018 if you have additional questions! 

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