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Need Help With Uploading New Sermon Series

This is the way I was taught to upload a new series to our webpage. For some reason it use to work just fine but now it never links properly and whenever I finish editing everything it comes up with an error. These are my steps. I would love any help I could get with maybe something I'm doing wrong.


There should be six graphics under messages website. The graphics will have to be shifted over when there is a new series. For some reason, when the graphics are shifted over they DO NOT keep their links. You will have to insert the link to their page again.

To shift over graphics:

- Delete the sermon series graphic on the bottom right

- Copy and paste the sermon series graphic to the new empty section to shift them over

- In order to copy and paste, click on the graphic, hold “command C”, then on empty slot press and hold “command V”.

- You will need to update what the graphic links too

- Click on graphic

- Click the insert/edit link button on the top tool bar

- Search the series name for the corresponding graphic

- Look for the name (make sure you link the “page” of the series NOT “sermon”)

- To upload new graphic click on “add media” button on top editing bar. Hit save changes!

Once the new graphic is uploaded and included in one of the six graphics:

- Click “content” on far left Tab menu

- Click “Add new page” under “additional pages”

- Title the page with the new sermons series in all caps

- Click insert Sharefaith feature (located on green menu bar)

- Click sermon playlist

- Keep preacher at all

- Click series- click create new

- Type new series title

- Click insert sermon player

- Click check mark on green menu bar to save

- Go back to the main page with all the message graphics

- Click edit

- Click on new graphic

- On the green menu bar, click insert/edit link

- Click link to existing content

- Find the new page you just created

- Click update

- Click save


-Go to Advanced

-Click Sermons

-Add sermon

-Select audio file

-Correct the date

-Select preacher

-Under series click “create new” if it hasn’t been created yet

-Insert vimeo link

-Click publish 

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I'm gathering your only issue is that the images don't retain their links?  Have you tried just clicking and dragging them to the new section? Instead of cutting/pasting?


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