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Graphic on Connect Page of the App

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It would be great if a graphic could be added to the Connect page - would make it less boring looking.

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That would be awesome!

Or even a rotating banner.

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YES, absolutely need this!  Here's what I posted...

"Is there a way to have an Opening Screen (following the Launch Screen) driven by Buttons that is a graphical navigation to the more important app sections?

You already do that for the 'More' section which points to the items under 'More'.

I'd like to app to operate somewhat like our website does in being able to hit a button that takes the user to a page in the website.

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I totally agree. After the launch screen, I don't want verbiage to show up. I want a Home screen that shows what all is available. I don't want the customer to have to remember to click the top left 3 lines to see where to go. I don't need to describe the church for them because 90% of the customers are already church members. Visitors go to the website. Here is an example of what would be good to have.


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Yes! The ability to have a background on the connect page would look so much better!!
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