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easier pic upload to Blog section of app

I love the idea of having a nice pic on each of the blogs for the app...but it would be nice if the upload process could be easier.


1 - Make the 'click to upload' not go to my computer, but go to the same page you have to either upload from computer or pull in from the media library.

2 - Just like programs automatically make a thumbnail out of a pic, or just like youtube makes a thumbnail of a video, It would be nice if this portion of the app could automatically pull in the first pic (from within a blog) or make a thumbnail of a video blog.

3 - have some generic banners that can easily go behind all of the blog title so that it is not just black with white text, but banners with water (for baptism video blogs), or with faded out scripture (for encouragement blog), etc..


Overall…I’m looking for an easier way to help that page be more attractive. Because when our support staff goes to update and clean up posts that are put in by our staff via computer or mobile phones, the support staff has to go find the blog, download the pic, open the app editing, upload. Or...when trying to get a pic of the video blogs, they have to create and save a screen shot.

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