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More bible translations

It would be nice to see the following in the Bible section: NIV NLT THE MESSAGE AMPLIFIED

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RVR 1960 Please.....You already offer RVR1909 as part of Sharefaith Presenter......

The most common requests from the members of the church is to have a bible in the app, wich you have but a Spanish version would be a great addition.

RVR 1960 please!

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Any news on adding NKJV? I've got a pastor that only uses this and copu/paste from other apps is a time gap.

HCSB and CSB get my votes but the above would also be great especially NKJV.

Yes - NKJV would be nice too - Thanks!

NIV, NIrV and The Message would be very helpful!

A vote for NRSV!

NIV, Common English Bible, and NRSV would be nice.

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We have a lot of our members who are used to the NIV so I definitely like this idea.
These translations would be very important to us as well - Michael from Harmony Ministries USA, Inc. Lakehurst, NJ


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