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Website | Sermon Widget Organisation (Series Search, Featured Image)

I have a few suggestions that would improve the sermon widget capabilities to Sharefaith Websites. Some of these may not be possible or out of the developer's controls, but here are my 2 cents:

1. Currently, the columns on the player are "Date, Title, Download, Notes, Watch". It would be good to have another column called "series" where the information already added about sermon series could be added where "all sermons" widget has been placed.

2. In the advanced section and under the sermon section, each file has the ability to upload a "featured image" natively. It would be good if we can upload our sermon graphic so when people click on the sermon on the website/app, that featured graphic is displayed for all to see.

3. Would it be possible to add a search bar for the sermon widget, which doesn't search the entire website, just the sermons? To act like Finder for the Mac. It would be good if people could search tags, or a theme, title, or series and for sermons to quickly pop up.

Let us know if any of these points are possible, and if so would there be any chance to ask the developer's to consider developing it for a new version?

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Yes, please!

I guess no updates regarding this huh? I think that the search function listed above would be a great addition and add loads of functionality to the sermons player.

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