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Downloadable content for the App

Our church purchased an Ipad for our teachers to use for the ShareFaith Kids app with the understanding that lessons could be downloaded and used within the app.  We love the curriculum but on Sunday mornings half of the time the videos and slides refuse to stream even with an excellent internet connection.  It has become so much of an issue that teachers are now skipping the slides and video much of the time.  

We understand that the lessons can be downloaded and unziped on an ipad, but having trained our 8 teams to use the program, that is a big issue for us.  Please consider adding a download option for ipad/iphone users who use the app.  It would solve all of our problems with the program and save a lot of frustration for our teachers.  If not, you should qualify in your ads and promotions that you can only really download lessons for the PC in a manner that can be used within your existing software. 

Thank you!  

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Jessie, just trying to help, but I need clarification.  Are you saying you want the videos to download to your app?  Is this because of the streaming connection from playing via the internet.  So, basically, you want to be able to play them offline through the app?

Or were you referring to downloading something else?


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