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Welcome loop video freezes in Powerpoint

I have had this problem on all of the church's computers. I set up the powerpoint show for each Sunday. The first slide is a welcome video that is looped. On every machine it freezes at various times and when you go to push play again, it only advances a frame each time you push the play button.

I have Office 365. Is anyone else having this problem? 

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Yes, also (office 365) we have been having quite of bit of a problem with video loops.  I have also been having issues placing lyrics into video loops and grouping. 

Yes, (Office 365) video loops will not play properly - dragging running very slow.  I have loaded other HD videos from other sources and had no issues.  Also having can not get lyrics downloaded into a video properly for a grouping. 

Hi There! this may be better handled by going to and submitting this as a ticket. But this could also be within the office 365 and Powerpoint settings. you may need to contact Microsoft Support for a solution on the settings within Powerpoint.It may also be within your video settings within your device.

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