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mobile app push notification enhancement


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We  currently use   ShareFaith's  website at the tire2 level and are interested in your mobile App.  I've watched the video and have the following question.  We need the capability to do push notifications to specific groups.  Your mobile app only provides a general push notification.  We have specific groups like (leadership team, AWANA team, nursery team, etc) that we need to notify for specific events that are not church wide.  This notification needs to be by phone# or email.  Can you provide this capability via your mobile app or some specific web feature via ShareFaith website?  Could we have a web page per group containing need notification info line email address and/or cell phone# that would be used in some way by the mobile app for this type of notification.

Can you reply to my email

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LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea.    Maybe there is a way to create message options on the app and the user could select the notification categories he/she wants to see:  Leadership, prayer request, SPRC, Children, etc.  You could create the categories in the app set-up.  If the user never goes in to message options the default is all messages.  The when you create a push notification, you would select which groups to send  the message to.  THIS WOULD BE SOOOOO HELPFUL!

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This seems to be a standard feature most other companies have.  This would be a great feature for sharefaith to add to bring in new customers. 

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