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Feast your eyes on this beauty of a website theme with a stunning layout, modern features, and elegant design. If you are a church admin in charge of your ministry's website, then this template should be on the top of your list. By far one of our all time favorites! This template can be used by a church, a worship team, a writer, conference or non-profit. It all fits! To use it, simply replace the placeholder content with your own, keep the style and design and you'll have a 5-star website in less than 1 hour. Guaranteed!

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I switched to this theme yesterday and so far, so good!

I have a couple of questions:

The square graphics at the bottom of the demo page (fellowship, knowledge, generosity, community) - how do I get those?? I would like to use something similar - but customize for us. Are they on the sharefaith website somewhere?

Also, when I first go to the page, a mystery banner pops up right before my banner. - not sure what it is in order to get rid of it.


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