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CCB Calendar Integration

I'd love to be able to have our CCB (Community Church Builder) calendar synced up onto our website.

We run all of our church contact information, events, and finances through there so it would be REALLY helpful if our website could pull their calendar seamlessly.

Here's CCB's website

My current work-around is to have a dummy account that syncs our CCB calendar to google calendar, which is then shared on our website. By doing this though, information gets cut off and html code is visible for event details.

Thank you for taking the time to look into this and possibly add it in later!

(Attached is a photo of what an even detail looks like for me currently)

New Hope Community Church, Clovis CA.

IT Administrator - Ryan Albee

Thak you for the feedback. That is a great work around you have found! I was reviewing and it looks like you can make a public calendar that way logging in is not neccessary. They say it is possible to embed on your website. See if they provide a "Embed Code" then you can embed following this tutorial: How to add an embed code.

Feel free to reach out to our Member Coaches if you need anything further! 

I've done that by using CCB's embed code for our calendar but the calendar is skewed terribly (it's 600x1100). 

If I edit the code to make it smaller, it just makes a scrolling box calendar which is really tacky. 

There isn't anything I can do unless ShareFaith makes a way to support/integrate CCB calendars.

We have successfully embedded our CCB public calendar with our sire. How can we use this calendar with the church app? We tried the work around that Ryan mentioned but the Google calendar doesn't look as nice as the detail on the CCB calendar. Any suggestions?




Hello Aaron,

I see you have had the CCB Calendar copied to a Google Calendar, and have that Google Calendar on it's own page so the public doesn't see it, but it appears in the app. That is the correct way to do it. You mentioned the formatting of the calendar, that screenshot is from the website calendar (google). I'm not sure it would be possible to bring in the formatting of CCB's calendar into the app. (Not to say it won't ever happen). I would continue to do it the way you are, or have a "Link" section in the app that links to your CCB calendar page.

By the way, The Book of James is a great series! 

Thanks, Charlie. I figured out this work-around after I asked the above questions. We are awaiting app approval from Apple and Google Play. Once the app is up and running I'll see about adding a link to the CCB calendar and see how that works.

Thanks, again, for your help...and "Amen" on The Book of James series!

Great! Glad to help! Have a blessed day!

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