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suggestion for the app & west update

I would like to make a suggestion for the mobile & the web page up date. Ist it would be good if when you are doing add pictures to the web page you can check more than one pick at a time. I update a rotating bander on weeklysome time it take more than 20 min that could be fix by adding the option to slelect multiple pictures when putting up a rotating banner up or any pictures to a website.

2nd I would like to ask you if there was a way to make the mobile login and work on the this on the app like push notification from the app. this would be make the app grate and easy to work with for the web page form the mobile phone.

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I agree, being able to post/update content on the mobile app would be helpful. Since SF website is Wordpress, WP has a mobIle app that allows you to post /edit and upate content via the app.
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