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Sort feature for sermons

 A sort feature to be able to utilize the Preacher and Series fields that are implemented in the sermon upload screen should be a basic function.  A filter option at the top of the list (which should show the Preacher and Series fields as well as title) like in explorer would even be useful, to sort alphabetically or by date/preacher/series/title would do the trick.  Please implement this as soon as possible, this should be, as I said above, a very basic function.  Michael from Harmony Ministries USA, Inc. Lakehurst, NJ

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Yes, I would like to request the same feature.  In the sermon player, it would be nice to see the series name as well as be able to sort the columns (alphabetically or oldest first, etc.)

I would also like to request this feature.  I hope to see some improvements in the very near future.

Fully agree with the other comments.


Not only would these features look great on the website, but the carry over to the app would look good too and be useful for highlighting a specific series, like for Christmas or Easter.  

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