New Website Theme - Living Waters

This new website template has a modern layout, stunning design and powerful features. We can't think of a better way to start off the new year than having a NEW website template for your church website! You'll want to take this new template for a test drive today and see for yourself how simple and easy it is to have a 5-star church website. Stick with the template design and replace the placeholder content with your own and you'll have an amazing website in less than 1 hour!


THE HOMEPAGE: Living Waters church website template has a breathtaking homepage! The tile-like design makes for a clean, yet powerful layout that makes a statement and also gives all of the “need to know” information right on the homepage. The gradient style overlay of the images matches nicely with the main image of the site.  The font remains simple and elegant throughout the homepage while staying with one color & font style. The navigation menu is easy to use while providing a “minimalist” approach by keeping the page titles in the navigation menu to single-word lengths and only having a drop down when applicable. This creates a nice user experience and prevents your church website from overwhelming visitors on your site, especially first time visitors. Do your best not to exceed more than 6 main navigation menu items so as to keep this same style. Use simple text or your church logo at the top of the homepage. If you are going to use your church logo, it’s recommended to keep the same color scheme as the site, make sure it is a transparent PNG file, and refrain from anything flashy or over the top with your logo design. If your logo isn’t up-to-date or the design conflicts with the rest of your site design, using simple text does the trick, as shown on this template. One new feature that is exclusive to this Living Waters template is the custom site header as seen at the very top of this template. This custom site header can be changed and adjusted as you see fit and will be shown on all of your pages. As you can see with this template, the style is very simple, while also showcasing social media icons that link to the social media profiles. This custom site header is perfect for making important announcements or alerts such as a change in service time, prayer requests, fundraisers and more!


I tried using this new theme because it looked so awesome! But if you make full page themes, the Sharefaith editor needs to be adjusted to accomodate that. It's very difficult to make a site that looks anything like the demo because the Sharefaith editing space is the same across every theme...unless I missed a setting to change it. 

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 I am glad to read it.

Like the "Living Water" theme, but for the life of me, cannot figure out the text overlay ("Savior") over the image. Wanted to say something like "Welcome!" but can't seem to select it not matter what browser I use. Help?

Hello David,

The overlay that you are referring to is actually a transparent image that was created with image editing software. While you will not find the tools required to create a transparent image within the website editor itself, there are many free tools that can be accessed to create such an image. One that we often recommend is Photopea which can be found here,

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