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Sharefaith Kids "I AM The Vine"

 I have been enjoying teaching the new "I AM" series from Sharefaith Kids. I am half way through and only 6 of the 7 I AM lessons are available. I noticed that two other lessons have come out since the 6th I AM lesson. As a teacher I wanted to make sure that the 7th and final I AM lesson will be released :)

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Hi Kenny!

Thanks so much for writing us. I am excited to hear you are enjoying that series! 

There are 7 lessons planned for the series. I do not have an ETA for the 7th lesson. Currently, it is on hold while we prepare for Easter. But, I have brought this to the attention of our Sharefaith Kids director so he knows there are members looking for the 7th! 

Thank you again for your input and being a Sharefaith Member! Have a blessed day Kenny!

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