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Event Registration - Notification Email

 When I create an event registration (within ShareFaith Giving) form, I would like the contents of the form to be emailed to a specific event coordinator.  It would be good if when the registration form was created, a coordinator could be designated and all the registration info would go to them, as well as the church admin.

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I believe this functionality lies within the Event Calendar, a event coordinator can be assigned

Unfortunately when creating a web form the only person with access to the information submitted in the form is a user with FULL ADMIN rights to the HaloPays console.  I setup an auto-report but it does not send all the information in the webform submitted by the registrant.  It would be great if there was a capability to give the webmaster role access to run event registration reports, but I don't think this is a ShareFaith enhancement, but it has to be requested via HaloPays.  Currently, I have to ask our church admin assistant to run a report of people registered.

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