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How do I Put a link in a Parallax page without the having the words underlined.

I am trying to create a Parallax scrolling front page.  I want to add links to each section. But, I cannot figure out how to add the link without making the text underlined.  Is there way?  Is there a way to just add the link with using text?

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Hi Nathan,

Thank you so much for reaching out with this question.  All text links on websites are underlined by default as this assists website users with knowing what text on your site is a link, and what portions are simply text.  However, there are a couple ways of getting around this default setting.  

First, through the use of a Wordpress plugin and some understanding of CSS coding, you can manually disable this default setting on your site.  This is a very effective method, but it does require some basic understanding of CSS coding on your part.  

Secondly, you could add the text to your site as an image, rather than standard text and then apply the link to the image rather than to text.  Unlike text, images do not have any kind of underline or other identifiers when they have a link connected to them outside of the change you will see with your cursor when hovering over a link.  An additional benefit of adding your text as an image is that you will have much more freedom in regards to the visual look of the text and can put together some very creative designs for your site.

I hope that you find this information helpful and if you would like to talk to us further about this topic, please feel free to reach out to us through a support ticket or our support line 888-317-4018.  Have a blessed day!

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