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New Features for Church App

I suggest adding new features to the Church App such as:

Watch full-length video
Display artwork
Optimized for WiFi, 3G + 4G LTE
Optimized for iOS, Android + Windows Phone
Apple-approved video encoding Vimeo compatible
Live-streaming integration
AirPlay + Apple TV integration.

Enter dates, times, locations for your events 
Links your existing event registration

Social Sharing and Promotion 
Twitter sharing
Facebook sharing
Email sharing
App promotion web page
App promotion slide for Powerpoint/slide-roll
Custom app promotional video available

Present full-length audio files
Place-holding with smart-resume
Background audio for multitasking
Integrates with native OS-level controls
Audio downloads
Offline listening
Optimized for Apple and Android -approved headsets, remotes, docks
Displays artwork
Music player with album playlists
Live-streaming integration
AirPlay + Apple TV integration

Push Notifications
Easy-to-use notification Dashboard
Group/Segmented Notifications
Attach content to notifications
Schedule notifications

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