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Sharefaith Giving - Mobile Experience Enhancement

I was wondering about an enhancement to the mobile view of the giving form. If a giver wants to delete a line item they mistakenly added for a contribution, they have to do almost 3 steps to delete the amount. Can we please streamline this into 1 action?


First, they have to figure guess and figure out how to remove one of the transactions in the first place. If they hit the grayed out Remove button at the bottom, then a message pops up that they have to go back to one of their amounts, then type in $0 dollars to get rid of their original amount, and then they go back and hit the Remove button.

This is not the best customer experience because it is not readily apparent what the giver should do in the instance they need to delete a transaction.


Can the mobile view mimic the desktop view and have a (minus) symbol right beside each transaction if they want to delete it? Also, can the symbol be in color, rather than grayed out? If something is grayed out, it looks like it is not selectable. I have attached a few screenshots of what I mean as well as a file called Giving-Mobile-SUGGESTION.jpg to give an idea of what I'm talking about and how we can help our customers (congregants and givers) have a better flow during the giving experience.


Thanks for your time.

God Bless.

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