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Include an Inverse Color (or light) Background Slide with Worship Sets

We use your worship backgrounds nearly every week in both our traditional and contemporary worship. In each of your series, you typically include what we would call the MESSAGE THEME slide (it's the one you provide a PSD file on and I typically modify this one to fit our exact message title); a few SERVICE COMPONENT slides (for lack of a better term) like welcome, announcements, offering, etc.; one or two backgrounds with either scripture verses or blank areas to drop in copy (which I rarely use but I'm sure others do); and then a plain overall background that I'll call a LYRIC BACKGROUND used for songs. I attached samples with labels that I've made from your sets. Not sure how many others do this but in our traditional services (especially) I modify some of your art to create additional, yet complimentary slides. You'll see what I mean in the samples I attached where I also create a slide for what I'll call a RESPONSE SLIDE. Here's the way I use them: for song lyrics I'm nearly always using white, lightly outlined type over your darker backgrounds and for congregational responses or prayers to be recited with the leader, I'll use black type on a lighter background. What I'm wondering is: could you please include a slide in your complete that contains a much lighter background using the same color palette as in my samples? Don't want or need any copy on it, just a plain (much lighter) background where I can add my own type using black instead of white for good contrast.

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