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New Navigation Bar Features

Hello! What I am requesting is really basic and I'm surprised it's not already a feature.

1. Please add a navigation "mouse over" color option. Right now when a user hovers over a navigation menu item (or subpage), there is no way to distinguish which item they are actually selecting (view image below).

2. Please allow the navigation subpage drop down (pictured below) to be adjusted on its own. Right now the only way to change the color of the subpage drop down is to change the color of the entire navigation bar. I prefer to not have a color background on the navigation bar but it is necessary to have color on the dropdown box. Because of the lack of separation, I lowered the opacity to compensate for the navigation bar but the opacity clashes with the dropdown box and makes it hard to view.


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Yes I agree, an option to change the font color on a drop or when you hover over to indicate where your mouse is.

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It would be beneficial to not only have color options for the font itself, but other hover actions such as underlines:

or highlight blocked sections:

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