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Website Membership Database + Private/Member's Only Pages

It has often been requested for Sharefaith Users to have the ability to allow members of their congregation to create accounts on their site. Additionally, if the Sharefaith Member could group these new user accounts and provide those groups or individual users access to pages the public cannot reach, I feel many of our users would take advantage of this new addition.

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Could someone tell me if this functionality is available yet.   Please, Please can we have this functionality on the website - it would allow us to create a password protected page/s where members can access contact details of others in the congregation or can access the latest prayer newsletter or volunteer rota.  


While you can absolutely create a password protected page for your Sharefaith website using the steps in this tutorial here, Church Websites: Advanced Menu: How to Create a Password Protected Page, the membership database portion is not something that has been developed as of this time.  However, it is definitely possible that this may be available in a future update so keep your eyes on our newsletters where we release all information concerning new products.

Have a blessed day!

I agree that this feature would be a blessing for us, instead of having to use other sites or plugins to create this.


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