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Additional User Roles: Sharefaith Giving

Some of our congregation members act as event coordinators for certain events. In order to use Sharefaith Giving for event registration for events like this we really need additional user roles made available. Currently we would have to make a user an Admin for them to have access to events and also be able to view who is registered for an event.

If a user has Webmaster role they can view the events and have no access to financial transactions, which is desired, but then there is no way for them to view who is currently registered for events.

I spoke with Cristian Padilla and he suggested an "Event Coordinator" role would probably be a good idea.

We would like to offer Sharefaith Giving as a tool available to our congregation members when they organize church events, but we don't necessarily want to give those volunteers access to all financial transactions made to the church.

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Thank you for your suggestion, and we will definitely be looking into this further.  

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