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Requesting Generic Announcement Motions

I would like to make a request for an "Announcement" set or two or pieces... More specific announcements than just "Upcoming Events".  I can tell you, I have scoured the web and anything out there is older.  Doesn't seem like anyone has provided any new ones lately, so it could be great for you guys to offer. These don't have to match any particular set.  Also, you guys stopped making "Tithes and Offerings" slides to go with your sets.  We'd like those back, if possible. Oh...and maybe a few different "blank" variations for each theme set. Your image sets are great, but I wish your video sets offered a few more clips.

So, some examples of what I'm looking for (I'm sure there are more):

  1. Transportation Ministry (one for "Driver's Needed" and one for "Do you need a ride?" or just some generic ones that we can put this text over.)
  2. "Don't forget to turn your phone on silent"
  3. Social Media invites to follow
  4. Greeter/Hospitality Ministry
  5. Church Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  6. Live Stream Information
  7. Men's/Women's/Teen/Couples Group/Bible Study
  8. Seder (Passover) Dinner
  9. Mission Trip (local and international), Community Projects

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