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SSO Support

More and more people have more and more passwords. Churches and nonprofits are routinely targeted for cyber intrusion, as they are often seen as easy targets. One way to help alleviate both of these issues would be to add SSO support. There are many ways to approach this. 

  1. One example would be to allow for the use of the Auth0 WordPress SSO plugin. Currently this plugin installs, but has issues with making the necessary cURL calls to and from the Auth0 severs and the site itself. This is a relatively turn-key setup, that ends up being free in most cases (you'd have to have an enormous number of user accounts to require the paid tiers).
  2. A native ShareFaith solution could be developed. Google, Facebook, and many other providers provide SSO implementation templates to be added to websites and applications.
  3. Allow for the use of one of the other WordPress SSO plugins.

I know this is just a small sample of what could be done to add this feature, but I just wanted to put something out there. SSO would simplify implementation and deployment for many organizations, as it allows for easy transitions. Hence why I feel this would be a valuable addition.

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