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Sermon tags

I started adding tags to my sermons when I upload them this month, hoping that it would help with organizing/finding/sorting sermons.  But on the website, if I click any of the tag links, it takes me to a page that says "No posts found," showing a search box, even though all of the tags obviously have at least one sermon attached to them.  If the tags don't work for a website user, what is the point of them then?  Or, am I missing something about how to set them up correctly?


Hi Courtney,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us.

As of this time, this particular Wordpress feature is not integrated with Sharefaith website themes, which is why you will not see it as an available option on the front end tools for your website editor where the majority of your designs and updates should be performed and why you are seeing this unexpected behavior.  However, I would be happy to treat this as a support request and see if this is something that could potentially be added in a future update.

Have a blessed day!

Yes, that would be a great feature to have added to the Sermon tool, to make it easier for a user to search for/find specific sermons.  Thanks!

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