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Website Only Tier/Package

I think it would be really helpful if you offered a website only tier/package. Right now, the website yearly tier includes the full media membership. A smaller church can't really make much use of all the multimedia that comes with the media membership, and many traditional churches would probably never use Powerpoint sermons and such anyway. But every church needs a website. You might be losing a lot of potential members who can't use/don't want the full media membership, and don't want to pay the extra money for it just to get a website.

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I like! That would help our new church a lot. Multimedia just doesn’t apply for us yet.

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I support this idea.  Our church does not use multimedia yet

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I agree with Jim Kingdon.  Our church has only about 25 regular attendees spread over two services -- but we are trying to grow, and our website has been one of our principal means of helping us to do that.  We don't need the multimedia now, but if we grew, we might want to upgrade.

As Jim says, you might be losing other potential customers in the smaller churches.

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It would be so helpful to a new church that's trying to grow.

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Great idea to try and accommodate smaller churches, with an offering that would suit them and their limited budgets.  

Small Churches need a platform that fits their needs. Thanks. 

I support this idea. This would be much more practical for our small church.

I support this idea. It would be beneficial to a small church that’s trying to grow.

I do support the idea

Would it not be wonderful for every church to select from a menu of available  features what best fits their requirements and got charged for exactly what they consumed?.   I think this would be a wonderful delivery model... we would like a new designed geared towards this kind of delivery model.

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