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New IP address

Help!!! We just upgraded our internet service yesterday, however today we are no longer able to send/receive using ShareFaith. After talking with our tech support here, they suggest this is not our firewall or systems, but instead is that ShareFaith has archived our old IP address and will not recognize or allow connection with our new IP address. We need tech support fast!!

Hi Charlie. No, we haven't been successful with our attempts to get our internet provider to submit the appropriate requests to have our IP address removed from the various SPAM blacklisting sites - we're continuing to work with them on this. If possible, please continue to provide an exception for our IP address ( As soon as this is fixed, we will contact you to remove that exception on your end.

On a separate question, is there a reason why we are occasionally having issues with receiving email via ShareFaith? Once in a while, it seems we are unable to receive our email on all platforms. Sending appears to unaffected when this occurs. This happens sporadically, for no apparent reason. Actually, it's been about 10 or so days since it last occurred. Any idea why this might be happening? Could this be related to the IP address issue above? Thanks for your help! Mike

Hi Mike, were you able to get this ifxed in a separate interaction? 

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