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Blogging via App

Firstly, I'd like to thank Sharefaith for great products, and the best customer service around. It is clear that you and your staff have a true heart to serve the church. I am all about solutions, and I know Sharefaith and your staff are as well.

We recently tried to come up with a solution for handling prayer requests, not only posting, but being able to issue emergency requests when we are in the office (with a laptop/desktop available) and on the go using our mobile devices.

I determined the best approach was to create a dedicated page and set it up in-house as a blog. Once we blog a prayer request, choose its' category (Prayer Chain), we simply text the prayer group a link to the page.

However, I find that blogging/editting/updating my Sharefaith site (even small tasks) is nearly impossible to do on my mobile device. I turned to the App which gives access to the backend of our site, knowing that Sharefaith's infrastructure is laid over Wordpress. If not, the "Advanced" tab would not be available.

I was delighted to see that on the WP App I could EASILY blog/issue an emergency prayer request (even dictating the request on my phone), select its' category (Prayer Chain) and post. Done. With Sharefaith's stellar eye for customer security your backend blocked my posting ability.

I️ think it's important for Sharefaith to offer this, as other companies do, otherwise you may alienate a good portion of your customers as technology advances into the future. Only being to work with my website on a desktop/laptop truly limits us after hours. 

I would choose to use the App strictly for blogging/issuing emergency prayer requests.

I have started using the App with other accounts that do design work for (non-Sharefaith accounts) and its' wonderful, particularly when I'm away from my computer or out of the office. PLEASE consider this request. And with all sincerity I really, truly believe in you guys. Perhaps having a Sharefaith customer sign a disclaimer/waiver stating that they understand the risks.

Thanks for taking the time to review this request.

Blessings in Him,

Rhonda McGuire

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