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Popup for App "attempting refresh"

We are in the process of launching the app for our church.  While piloting, we noticed the app only refreshed when you clicked the "refresh circle" in the bottom left corner of the screen.  The ShareFaith team implemented a change that forces the app to connect to the servers to check for and receive updates, the app does need to be opened so a user may not see all updates automatically.  It looks like the App is updating which is good news, however if the app is closed,  it looks like the refresh takes place AFTER the user opens the app.  

Based on the release notes, it looks like you are forcing a refresh if the app information is more than 10 minutes old.  

In our test, when users first opened the app, the out of date information was present.  When they close the app and log back in, the current information was present.  Our concern is that a 'typical user' wouldn't know the information they saw when they first opened the app was out of date.  Would it be possible to add a popup that says "refreshing, standby" when the user first opens the app?  This will let them know the app is updating and to wait for the new information to be displayed?

See Request 308758 for more detail.   

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