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Suggestion: Allow for pop up forms and windows


Our missions ministry would love to have access to pop-up windows on our site. For instance, we would like to have a pop-up window inviting visitors to join our email list, or alerting them of a time-sensitive missions opportunity (like our worldwide Christmas outreaches). If we had access to these features, I firmly believe more site visitors would get involved. 

Sharefaith obviously knows the worth of these windows, because you use them in your own site design often. Is there any way you can make them available to us?

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Wow, you submitted this 11 months ago and no comment from ShareFaith at all?  I'd like to do the same thing.  We have a retreat coming up in two weeks, I'd like to pop that up the first time someone enters the website that day and remind them that the retreat is coming up and to register.  Great idea.

Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We are always happy to hear feedback from our members on how we might be able to better serve the ministries that we work with. I would be more than happy to bring this feature request to the attention of our developers for their review. In the meantime, while this is being reviewed, there are third-party Wordpress plugin options available that would be able to provide this feature on your site. You can review these options by visiting the Wordpress plugin site here and searching terms such as "Popup". For your convenience and review, here is a direct link to our tutorial covering how to install third-party plugins

Again, we are happy to hear from you and have a blessed day!

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