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Deleting "user" content

Upon deleting a user who left the church staff recently, I was very much aware of the message that all the user's content would be removed upon deletion.

What I did NOT know is that the user's content included all images she'd uploaded to the Media Library that were being displayed on the website. THAT was NOT explained at all, nor would I have ever guessed it was the case.

ShareFaith cannot recover these photographs.

I'm curious if, when someone who leaves employment at ShareFaith, if "their" content is, by default, deleted. Honestly, it makes no sense to ANYONE I've spoken to.

The former employee has deleted her source of the photos and now they're gone from our Media Library. This has left a mess on our website AND the Elders and Board Members all have to be photographed again.

I can't believe that we are the first and only clients to have been "bitten" by this, nor, would I think, will we be the last. For that reason, I'm hoping you'll prioritize this request.


Kathy Holloway

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