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H1 header tag on the home page

Sharefaith themes wrap the site logo (image file)  in a H1 tag. Would be much better SEO to have some type of control over this. 

3rd party plugins can implement H tags and various meta data but Sharefaith dashboard automatically inserts this data via SETTINGS > WEBSITE TITLE and WEBSITE DESCRIPTION . Leaving the fields blank leaves blank meta data on the page (the tags are still there does not remove tags, just empty data set in code). This information is also used by dashboard and automatically inserted into podcasts feed but without any control over what is going out to just the feed . 

According to Bing webmaster tools , the crawler does not like having those duplicate header tags. Bing even gives warning of possible delisting from search results. The only way that I know of to manually correct the code would be the ability to directly edit php through wordpress backend, which is turned off for support reasons by sharefaith ( and I understand why)

The way that the Sharefaith control panel implements meta data in blog feeds and other parts of the site needs more user control. 

My suggestion: 

1 - develop a way to have control over home page meta data and do not wrap the site logo in a H1 tag, it would be easier for the end user to have a place in the control panel to control each aspect of major SEO items (podcast feed, xml sitemaps, H1 tags on each main navigation page)

2 - another possibility , allow advanced user to completely disable all Sharefaith metadata functionality and allow 3rd party plugin to control. 

Hope I explained that well.

Thanks for the Sharefaith service. Even for advanced users, Sharefaith is meeting a lot of our church needs in one package. I pray your business continues to grow!

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