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Nearly all the motion graphics have SD and HD versions, but if you want the "NO TEXT" version, it is only offered in HD and 4k. Our presentation software doesn't play nice with HD videos. It would be great if the no text versions were available in SD.

What presentation software are you currently using?

Did you know that you have access to Sharefaith Presenter at no cost to you?

We are using Easyworship 6. We use a confidence monitor so the sharefaith presentation software doesnt really fit our needs

Hi Nate, all of our videos are MP4 or WMV format, this is a standard format and should play in any HD compatible program. That said, all of our newer designs (since the beginning of the year) have no text SD format.

In addition to this great news, here are various factors that would influence HD versions not playing. 

  1. Your computer may not be capable of handling the processing speeds required to run the program effectively. Check with EasyWorship to see if you have the recommended specs. 
  2. Your output could be in SD only format. If your projector is in SD format, there may be a conflict, the great news is that you can purchase new projectors for your church at prices much lower than the past.
  3. You may need to update your Codec pack. Check with EasyWorship to discover what codec they recommend.
  4. You have an older version of EasyWorship. Maybe check with them to see how much it would cost to upgrade to a newer version? There are also other presentation softwares out there, check those out as well. 

Unfortunately, SD format is a thing of the past. With HD being around for around 20 years now you will see, less and less things available in this format. HD is the standard now, and not just HD 1080 has become the lower of the HD spectrum, as a norm.

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