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more detailed and accurate invoices & payment receipts

The billing profile does not reflect effective dates. Now that I updated it, ALL the past invoices also show MY current information, but they were paid by other admins or church members on THEIR credit cards under THEIR names. How can I look up who paid what? Even the invoices from a year and a half ago show MY name and I wasn’t even part of the church AT THAT TIME. This is really problematic for accurate record keeping as there is NO proof or documentation of any sort indicating who made the prior payments. Furthermore it now looks like I made ALL past payments hence it opens up liability since I could ask for reimbursement that is NOT due to me and your invoices as they are generated now would totally back me up in that claim.... Old invoices should reflect the person on the account at the time of the invoice  and payment method that was used at the time, not the current name on the account.  Sending out payment receipts as well as pdf invoices that cannot be changed after generation would offer fraud protection AND better documentation for bookkeeping purposes.

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