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Prayer Cloud needs update

When using the Prayer Cloud plugin, when I manually add a prayer request as an admin that comes through our pew prayer request cards, it automatically populates my email in the email field.  When the prayer request is published my email is what pops up if the email icon is clicked.  I do not want my email to be there and then I start getting emails from anyone that clicks that icon.  The email field should be an option to add or omit when filling out the prayer request form for admins or others. We try very hard not to have emails on our website that can be easily grabbed and used to send spam.  Instead we use forms for contacting staff through the website.  As a user of the prayer request, if I was filling out the form I would not want my email to show up on the prayer wall either. It would be nice to capture the email for the church staff or pastors, but not make it public on the prayer wall. I have played around with different options and realize if I select from the Public Visibility field "Prayer Only" the email will not show, but end users will not know this is how to remove their email. We are testing the Prayer Wall and have not added it to navigation or announced to the church that we have added it to the website and hope this can be fixed soon so that we can add to our website:)

Here is out page:

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