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Series or Other Field Sort and Display Options

 When we first started using the website, we decided to filter our sermons by year.  So we have a different page for each year going back currently to 2000.  We created an "html" widget that is added to each sermon year page that allows the user to select other years to browse by.

However, our newest pastor likes to use the "series" capability to identify his sermon series and then have a separate title for each sermon in the series.

It would be nice if there were multiple ways to display the sermons besides by preacher or series.  I saw a previous Feature Request that has not been implemented that asks to allow the sorts or results pages to be displayed by dates.  I saw another Feature Request that said to make the search or create a search on the sermons page that only sorts through keywords in the sermons area.  I like both these ideas.

My suggestion is to allow for creating your filter for the sermons to allow for several more options than just preacher and series.  Suggested options are year, date range, keyword, home church, bible book, etc.  Of course, sorting by multiples of these should be possible as well.  Only show me sermons by Pastor ABC, for the year 2017, in the book of John, with a keyword of "salvation" in the information about the sermon.

Thank you

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