Sometimes a church would like to use two of our website template (designs) on one website (for example, one template for the main part of the site and another template for the youth section).

While you can’t have two templates on one website, you can do one of two things.

  1. If you have a Parallax style website you can change the background to any page to be what you would like it to be
  2. Or, you could set up two websites, one on the main domain and one on the sub-domain.
    1. To do this, you’ll have us setup your main site on your domain name (i.e. After it is setup, you can have a second website setup on a subdomain (ie. This sub-domain or “youth” website will be totally separate from your main site, which means you can use a different template and have different homepage rotation banners.
    2. You can learn how to create a sub-domain by clicking here to go to our tutorial.

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