***If you have not purchased a domain prior to February 23, 2017, Do NOT follow this Tutorial***

Do you want to create a separate website for your worship team but don't want to have to buy a separate domain for your site? This can be done by creating a subdomain on your website. In total, you can have up to 4 domains (Each domain can have 1 subdomain

A subdomain is a separate domain that can have a website setup on it with its own content but is still associated with your top level domain name.

Here is what a subdomain will look like:

 - Top level domain

 - Subdomain

  • worship.mychurch.org
  • kids.mychurch.org
  • lifegroups.mychurch.org

Subdomains are still attached to a top level domain but they have their own database for content to make them unique.

Check out this short video that will show you how to add your subdomain. 

Once you have created your subdomain, you will need to contact us here at Sharefaith to have a database created for your new subdomain to get your subdomain up and live. 

You can contact us by creating a ticket on our support page. Please let us know your new sub-domain name and which template you would like to use. If you'd like to see any of the templates live, go to ouSharefaith Websites page and select > Preview. 

Once you click preview on the template you would like to use, provide us with the link in your address bar and we will take care of the rest!