Church App Sermon FAQs

These FAQs deal specifically with questions in regards to displaying and playing sermons within the church mobile app.

Q: What can be displayed in my church app's "Messages" section?

A: Once you have selected a page for the Messages section to pull your sermons from, it will only pull actual sermon playlists. We do not include music playlists or individual audio or video files.

Q: How can users download sermons to their app to listen to them offline?

A: If you want your sermon to be downloadable, you need to make sure the "Downloadable" checkbox remains checked when you add a sermon to your site. Once downloaded, it will be saved to the church app's storage on their device.

Q: How can sermon videos be viewed on the app?

A: To see a video of the message, you will need to provide a URL to the video from a video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo. 

Q: Can videos be downloaded to the app?

A: Videos are not downloadable into the app.

Q: Can my app users download the sermon notes?

A: Yes, if you want people to be able to get the sermon notes (or the bulletin for that service), you need to upload notes for that sermon, when adding it to your website. For sermon notes we recommend PDF format.

If you have any further questions, please check out our other church app tutorials and FAQs or contact our Customer Care team.