Want to take our take our websites for a test drive before you sign up? With our 14-day website demo you can do just that.The best part is at any point during the website demo, you can sign up for a full website membership and all the hard work you have done on the demo can be moved over to your new Sharefaith website! 

But first let's get you set up with a demo

  1. Go to Sharefaith.com and click on "Top Church Websites"

  2. Then click on "Get Started"

  3. Now you can choose what template you would like to demo. You can click "Preview" to view the template or "Build" will take you straight to the Demo Popup.

  4. After selecting the template you want to start with you will see a popup and it will ask you for Your Email Address and Church/Organization Name (optional)Fill these sections out and then click on Start the Demo.

  5. Now it's time to start building your demo and having some fun! You will receive an email from us with how to log back into your website demo. 

  6. To log back into your demo please follow step 1 and 2 and then click on the link that says Already started a demo?

  7. You can also let others preview your demo by clicking on "Here to preview someone else's website?" all they need to do is impute the URL of your demo and they can see what you have done.

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