Another feature that sets SharefaithKids apart from other Sunday School resources is the ability to keep parents informed of what their children are learning each week. With ParentShare integration, it makes it quick and easy for a parent to connect to their child's class schedule and stay in the loop of what's been taught and what's coming up.

What Teachers Will Need To Do

To make use of ParentShare, you will first need to get the QR code associated with your class schedule. Please watch this short video on how to get your QR code.

Finally, don't forget that we provide a pre-made PowerPoint slide that is perfect for announcing SharefaithKids to your congregation and informing them to download the app and scan the QR code at your class. This can be found under the Sharefaith administrator's account under My Account > Resources.

What Parents Will Need To Do

You will most likely be asked by parents what they need to do to use the ParentShare feature. 

1. Have them download the SharefaithKids app from the Apple App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

2. When they launch the app, they will need to tap the ParentShare button and should be encouraged to allow push notifications so they can get alerts on completed lessons.

3. They will be prompted to add a class and enter their child's name.


4. Then they will need to scan the QR code for that child's class and it will automatically sync to the schedule that you've created. 

After that, they will be able to open the app and see the schedule for each child they enter in and be able to see the main theme of the lesson as well as the memory verse and the Biblical text that the lesson derives from so they can be encouraged to read it with their children.