ese instructions cover setting up email using your Gmail account. Here is a list of information that you will need to put in your mail settings. Gmail uses POP3 when checking your email. This is the only time we recommend using POP3.

  • The incoming server must be set to, mail.yourdomain (i.e. if your domain is then your inbound server would be
  • The incoming port must be 110 unless you have an ssl (not typical) then it is 993.
  • The outgoing server must be set to,
  • The outgoing Port must be set to 587 unless you want to use ssl then it is 465.
  • Make sure that all of your usernames have your complete email address.
  • Make sure that none of your email addresses have a capital letter in them.

The screenshots include references to Do not use this email, it is only used as an example.

Please note that this tutorial is meant to be an aid for your convenience to assist you in creating an email account and setting up your emails in Gmail. We cannot offer support further than giving you the correct settings for Gmail. To receive support in this system please be sure to contact Gmail.

  1. Open your Gmail account and click on the Settings button.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Click on Accounts and Import.

  4. Find the row Check mail from other accounts and click on Add a mail account.

  5. Enter your Sharefaith Email Address.

  6. Make sure Import emails from my other account (POP3) Is selected and click Next.

  7. Make sure that your User Name [1] is your full email account.
    That your Password [2] is correctly entered.
    Your Pop Server [3] is mail.yourdomain and your Port [4] is 110.
    Make sure that [5], [6], [7], and [8] are unchecked.
    Finally, click on Add Account.

  8. Make sure that Yes is selected, then click Next.

  9. Make sure that your name is in the Name field [1] and that treat as an alias [2] is checked then click Next Step.

  10. In the SMTP Server field [1] enter And your Port [2] should be 587.
    Make sure that the Username [3]   has your full Sharefaith Email address. 
    The Password field [4] should contain your password if not enter it in.
    Make sure TLS [5] is selected, then click Add Account.

  11. You will see this notice.

  12. Now go to Roundcube, (mail.yourdomain) find the email and copy the confirmation code then past it in the verification field and click verify.

  13. Click on Inbox.

  14. You will now see your confirmation email. You are all done and can begin sending and receiving emails.