In this tutorial, we are going to go through the steps on how to setup a redirect for your domain name. This is a great feature when you have more than one domain name, and you would like both domain names to be directed to your Sharefaith website. 

Before we move any further, please ensure that the all of your domain names are pointed to Sharefaith Servers either through DNS or A Record before you set up the redirect. 

1. To setup a redirect, first login to your website hosting control panel at

Sidenote: The login for your website hosting control panel is also your Sharefaith Account ID. This will be a 6 digit number typically proceeded by an 's' that would have been emailed to you when you first signed up for a Sharefaith website. 

2. After you are logged in, on the left-hand side of the screen, click on domain settings

3. Once you have clicked on Domain settings, it will take you to your domain info screen. On the seventh line, click on the pencil to edit your Web Service. 

4. On the Web Service screen, scroll down towards the bottom and click on the button to setup a redirect. 

5. Within Add Redirect section, go ahead and add the domain you are wanting to redirect. You will want to leave the first section blank and then fill in the second section with your domain name you are wanting to redirect. Please make sure that you put the domain name without the www. and then follow it up with a / at the end. Just as the image shows below. Once you have made the changes, click on the Submit button. 

6. One last step. After you have set up the redirect you will then need to apply the new server configuration changes. At the top of the Web Service Screen, simply apply the changes. 

If at any point during this tutorial you felt a bit overwhelmed or if you have more questions, don't worry, our Sharefaith Member Coaches are here to help you! Simply contact a Sharefaith Member Coach by creating a new support request ticket here