This tutorial will guide you through how to point your website traffic to Sharefaith through your GoDaddy account. A Records direct all the webpage traffic for your domain. By pointing your A Record to Sharefaith your website will go live and your email will continue being delivered to its current location. If you would only like to make your website live and direct email to Sharefaith please see: Pointing GoDaddy DNS to Sharefaith NameServers


Prior to continuing this tutorial your domain should be added in your account in the Hosting Control Panel. Please see the tutorial Going Live with a Domain that You Already Own.

1.  Log into youGoDaddy account

2.  Find your domain and click manage

3.  Click DNS Zone File

4.  Click Edit on your A-Name Record

5.  Change the POINTS TO: field to your ip address (If you do not know your IP address please see this tutorial: How to locate your church website "IP Address" or "A Record")

6.  Click Finish

Once the settings are saved you should see your website in the next 24 hours.

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