When you’re juggling multiple software programs, it’s a huge help to make sure they can work together. That’s why software integration is such an important part of any good financial software and Sharefaith Giving goes to great lengths to make sure that our reports can be exported to any format you need. 

By default, you can export your reports as CSV files for Excel, QuickBooks, and many other programs. However, we also provide direct integration with Church Community Builder so that you can connect your Sharefaith Giving and CCB accounts directly, which will allow your Sharefaith Giving reports to automatically import to your CCB software on a regular basis. Alternatively, you can also change your export format to work with other popular software such as Breeze, ACS Technologies, Shelby, or CAMS. To enable any of these features, simply log into your Sharefaith Giving control panel and click on Organization > Add-ons to come to the screen where you can select any of these options.

All of this comes with your Sharefaith Giving service at no additional cost. To enable CCB integration, we have a tutorial specific to that, here: Sharefaith Giving: Integration with Church Community Builder Software

Save your settings with whichever method you choose and you’re all set. If you have any additional questions about integration or exporting with third-party software, be sure to contact our Sharefaith Giving Member Coaches at support.sharefaith.com for further assistance.