Q. Will Sharefaith Giving work with my ChMS (Church Management Software)?

Sharefaith Giving offers a variety of reporting solutions that are compatible with most Church Management Software programs. We offer direct integration for Church Community Builder users to allow CCB to pull reports from Sharefaith Giving. Alternatively, you have the option to export reports as CSV files or many other file formats that are compatible with software like: Breeze, ACS Technologies, Shelby, and CAMS.

Q. Can I monitor and run reports for accounting, tax purposes and donors?

Absolutely! The Sharefaith Giving control panel comes loaded with a beautiful and intuitive reporting system that will provide an overview of your giving, detailed transaction and batch reports, and even the ability to have your account auto-generate reports and email them to the email address(es) of your choice. We have a comprehensive video tutorial that provides a complete overview of the reporting features that come with Sharefaith Giving.

Q. Can I export donation data?

Yes - you can export from the reporting summary, transactions and batches pages. Each page has an export button at the top.

Q. What information do you collect from donors?

We require a donor’s first and last name, billing zip/postal code (and country, if international donations are enabled on your account) along with their payment method. We also store the donor’s mobile phone number when they use Text Giving and give them the option of entering their email address. You can require the email address of all donors with Text Giving by changing the settings on the Add-Ons page, but we do recommend leaving it as optional for your donors.

Q. Can donors login and change their own information?

Yes - if a donor created an account, they can login and manage their information and set up one-time or recurring gifts. If a donor logs in on your giving form, it will automatically retrieve their stored payment information so they won't need to manually enter it. You can manage the donors who have created an account by clicking the donor tab on the left. You can reset their passwords, view their transactions, etc.

Q. Do donors get a receipt after the transaction processes?

Yes - immediately after their gift processes, they will see a receipt on their screen and if they provided an email, they will receive a copy in their inbox as well. If someone has a recurring gift, they’ll receive an email confirmation a week before it processes as well as a receipt after it processes.

Q. What's the best way to reconcile deposits?

We recommend starting on the Batches page. Transactions are batched on a daily basis and processed together for deposit. You will find a total for each batch as well as fees, estimated deposit amounts and dates. You can view all the transactions that are a part of the batch by clicking the "View Transactions" button. Another handy feature is the ability to mark a transaction as reconciled by clicking the checkmark button on the far right of the Transactions page.

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