Q. How long after setup does it take to build a form and make it live for donors?

Applications are typically approved same or next day. Your account will be live and ready to process within an hour of being approved. This gives you full access to all your forms and events. When you first log in, on the forms tab you'll see a 'first giving form' template that's already been created for you. Feel free to edit this one or make your own. We also have a complete video tutorial that walks you through the process of building and editing a form in your Sharefaith Giving control panel.

Q. How do I customize my giving form's colors, font, text, etc?

Sharefaith Giving offers a few different preset themes that you can use to switch between light and dark color templates or you have the freedom to completely customize your forms with HTML and CSS, as well. 

We cannot perform this kind of customization for you but you can change fonts, colors and the like by going to the Forms page and selecting "Edit Styling" in the action dropdown on the form you wish to edit. With this option, you can select a preset theme or add custom HTML and CSS to any form (if you're not quite sure what this is or how to do what you want, we'd recommend contacting a web developer).

Q. How Do I Put the Giving Form on My Website, App or Social Media?

If you have a Sharefaith website, be sure to follow the instructions in this tutorial to place your forms on your site. If you have your website with a different provider or are sharing the form through a different source, such as a social media page, you'll need to go to the form and select ‘Get Code’ in the action drop down. Select the code you’d like to use (such as the Give Now button) and copy it. Next, paste it into your own website. Each website editor is different, but you may need to make sure you are pasting it in as HTML code. Be sure to contact your website provider if you need assistance.

Q. Can I also do Event Registration with Sharefaith Giving?

Yes! Our event forms are very versatile for all kinds of events. They can be added to your website the same way giving and payment forms are added. We also have some extra features where you can view how many people have registered for an event, add discounts and much more. Watch this video tutorial that shows how easy it is to create and edit event registration forms with Sharefaith Giving.

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